Cubebrush – Medieval Stronghold Architecture

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Cubebrush – Medieval Stronghold Architecture

Medieval Stronghold Architecture – download 3D-Models collection by Cubebrush

This is a standalone version, with no maps or shaders. With that said, it contains every .PNG and .FBX necessary to develop a full project.

For the Unreal Engine version, go to the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The Medieval Stronghold Architecture pack contains everything you need to build your very own modular stronghold. The package includes architectural modules for interior/exterior environment, plus goodies like furniture, vertex-paintable materials, and canvases for artists who wish to expand on it.

Meshes (.FBX):
The largest mesh has a triangle count of 242 226. The mesh measures 6x6m – it’s one of the meshes used for interior ceiling. It’s made of several planks of woods and rope, all modelled and able to be used as floor, too.
Only four other meshes are beyond the 100k triangles threshold: The cylindrical exterior roof for the tower (The roof tiles are modelled), large 4x4x2m scaffolding, 4x4m interior wood ceiling (same as the 6x6m) and 4x4x4m tower outer walls.
Every other meshes (244 meshes total) are below 100k.
Of those meshes, 6 are between 100k and 70k
11 are between 70k and 50k;
14 are between 50k and 30k;
25 are between 30k and 20k;
32 are between 20k and 10k;
118 are below 10k;
There are 96 textures included with the following resolution:

7 – 4096×4096
36 – 2048×2048
42 – 1024×1024
6 – 512×512
1 – 2048×1024
1 – 1024×2048
3 – 512×128
It should also be noted that every mesh has a second set of UVs to allow Lightmaps to be baked. It’s also used in some materials that require Occlusion.

Download: Cubebrush – Medieval Stronghold Architecture

  1. unrealjojo2018 September 9 10:07
    is unreal version included ?
    1. Sonya2018 September 9 11:24
      no, only FBX
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