Jeff Mellem – Sketching People Life Drawing Basics

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Jeff Mellem – Sketching People Life Drawing Basics

Sketching People Life Drawing Basics – download PDF book b Jeff Mellem

Life Lessons: Learn How to Capture a World Constantly in Motion

Fluid, fast and expressive life drawing starts here. Step by step, you'll learn to render fleeting gestures from memory, capture expressions simply and more quickly, give your drawing a life of its own with body language, and more. Along the way, you'll develop a more spontaneous approach for successfully working from life.

Inside you'll find:

A comprehensive course on drawing from life, based on classic principles
Essential techniques for drawing gesture, figures, clothing, expression, body language and more
Lots of exercises that bring lessons to life

The skills you'll learn from this book are so fundamental that every artist will find something in these useful lessons for making the most of all the inspiration that life has to offer.

About author:

Jeff Mellem is a senior editorial production artist for National Dragster magazine and has designed video games, created sets for film and helped design costumes for a nationally traveling circus. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University and has studied drawing extensively at the American Animation Institute in North Hollywood, California.

PDF | ENG | pages 130 | 38 MB

Download: Jeff Mellem – Sketching People Life Drawing Basics

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