Pixologic Zbrush v2018.1 Mac

Author Alex
Pixologic Zbrush v2018.1 Mac

New Zbrush by Pixologic 2018.1 for MacOS

ZBrush is advancing yet again with the release of ZBrush 2018! Another FREE UPGRADE for all registered ZBrush users, ZBrush 2018 continues Pixologic’s commitment to bringing innovative, workflow-revolutionizing features to the world of digital art.
New features highlights:
Sculptris Pro
Project Primitive
Elastic Option for Curve Mode
Liquid Option for Curve Mode
Equidistant Gizmo Mesh Duplication
Remember Draw Size
Remember Dynamic Mode for Draw Size
Tessimate Geometry
New PolyGroup by Normals Algorithm
Added Draw Transformation Border option to hide transformation border
Increased OBJ Import file size capacity
Increased Output Size for 3D Print Hub
New Snake Hook Brushes for Scultpris Pro
Option to Save Startup Default Material
QuickSaves Can Now be Saved to Any Hard Drive
New Activation and License Management System with Unique Login Support
Create Displacement Maps from the highest subdiv level if HD geometry levels are present
OBJ Import will not accept Color Vertex information
Presets added to Decimation Master

Download: Pixologic Zbrush v2018.1 Mac

  1. Marcelo
    mnvital2018 September 29 15:17
    hello! How to activate Zbrush? There is a text file (with 156,9Mb!) but I don't know if I need rename or substitute it...
  2. Thomas Edward Spence
    Pegasus822018 October 1 12:17
    Hello, experiencing exactly the same issue with activation. Suspect the text file, is a replacement application file, but it cannot be renamed, or executed. This makes the above download ineffective as unable to activate or register the software.
    1. Sonya2018 October 1 12:37
      1) Install ZBrush
      2) Go to APPLICATIONS
      3) Right click on Brush.app – Show Package Contents
      4) Go to “contents/MacOS”
      5) Replace the file with the cracked one (textedit file 156.9Mb)
      6) Run the terminal and paste the command
      “chmod +x /Applications/ZBrushOSX\ 2018/ZBrush.app/Contents/MacOS/ZBrush”
      7) The textedit file will looks like a terminal file
      8) Done, have a fun !
      1. Thomas Edward Spence
        Pegasus822018 October 3 18:00
        Thank you Sonya, basic mistake on my behalf as forgot one would need to chmod the file, too much switching between MacOS and Window's. That worked perfectly.
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jeffrey spinner
jeffglobal writes:
Has anyone successfully installed this yet? I couldn't install the older version of Nuke, even though I was able
arshad writes:
FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 1 - FUS110 FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 2 - FUS110 Please if u can,
locuaz writes:
this works http://mega.nz/#!PsxggCjR!SY54zCUcA_trcm8PQKS_5atEWH8MEV0ZGrrKt2cQO9U
Renato de Souza
Renato1989 writes:
Hi, Thx for your help everything works fine.