Udemy – 3ds Max + Vray: Advanced Architectural Exteriors

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Udemy – 3ds Max + Vray: Advanced Architectural Exteriors

3ds Max + Vray: Advanced Architectural Exteriors – download video сourse by Udemy

Use Vray and other pro tools to take your 3d arch viz projects to the next level — From Basic to Brilliant in a few hrsIf your architectural rendering projects are ready for that next leap in realism and drama, this is the course for you. Perhaps you already have a good knowledge of arch viz in 3ds Max + Vray, or maybe you have even taken one of my earlier courses, but know you are ready to take on more advanced techniques, tools and workflows?

This course will introduce you to the tools you need to take your Vray renderings from basic to brilliant.

The course will begin with a basic model that is provided for download. From there, the instructor will guide you through the process of making it much more interesting and dramatic, using advanced techniques and tools.

MP4 1280x720 | 5h 05m | ENG | 3.98 GB

Download: Udemy – 3ds Max + Vray: Advanced Architectural Exteriors

  1. Phillip Kim
    idgeek2018 August 25 09:46
    the files on hitfle.net can not be opened..
    1. Sonya2018 August 25 10:16
      It's not quite clear what you mean.
      Did you download the files?
      1. Phillip Kim
        idgeek2018 August 25 10:55
        yes. but it seems the files are corrupt. It fails to unzip.
        1. Sonya2018 August 25 11:36
          Try to use WinRar 5.5 or above for unpack
          1. Phillip Kim
            idgeek2018 August 25 12:27
            thanks! it worked!
  2. upet2018 August 25 15:32
    please use google drive
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jeffrey spinner
jeffglobal writes:
Has anyone successfully installed this yet? I couldn't install the older version of Nuke, even though I was able
arshad writes:
FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 1 - FUS110 FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 2 - FUS110 Please if u can,
locuaz writes:
this works http://mega.nz/#!PsxggCjR!SY54zCUcA_trcm8PQKS_5atEWH8MEV0ZGrrKt2cQO9U
Renato de Souza
Renato1989 writes:
Hi, Thx for your help everything works fine.