Lynda – SOLIDWORKS: Sheet Metal Design (Update: Sep. 2019)

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Lynda – SOLIDWORKS: Sheet Metal Design (Update: Sep. 2019)

SOLIDWORKS: Sheet Metal Design (Updated: September 2019) – download video сourse by Lynda

CAD software like SOLIDWORKS makes sheet metal design quick and cost effective. This course gets you up to speed with the sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS, and takes you on a trip to the factory floor to see the final manufactured results. Instructor Gabriel Corbett shows what goes on behind the scenes and provides tips on designing parts for the real world.

First, review the sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS and the properties that make sheet metal unique: bend radius, K-factor, bend deduction, gauge thickness, and more. Then learn how to create basic parts, with base features, flanges, and bends that add strength and connections. Find out how to flatten parts and add holes, cuts, and corners that are manufacturing ready, and use the Convert to Sheet Metal command to convert imported geometry into native sheet metal parts. Gabriel also shows you how to create assemblies from multiple parts, use the Pattern and Mirrors tools to effortlessly duplicate existing work, and then document your designs with detailed sheet metal drawings. Watch the bonus videos to learn about the different machinery and processes that occur during manufacturing.

Topics include:
Sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS
Sheet metal manufacturing: Laser cutting, CNC machining, welding, and more
Creating base features
Creating flanges and tabs
Making cuts and corners
Using the Convert to Sheet Metal command
Building multi-body parts
Creating forming tools
Forming across a bend
Building an assembly
Creating parts in an assembly
Creating sheet metal drawings

MP4 1280x720 | 2h 51m | ENG | Project Files | 595 MB

Download: Lynda – SOLIDWORKS: Sheet Metal Design (Update: Sep. 2019)

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