Udemy – CATIA v5 Super Course: Part Design

Author Alex
Udemy – CATIA v5 Super Course: Part Design

CATIA v5 Super Course: Part Design – download video learning by Udemy

What Will I Learn?

You will be comfortable with sketching parts in 2D environment
You will be able to modify the sketches before using them to create various features or after that to modify the feature
You can modify features and use dress-up commands to retouch and form the feature as you wish
You can create complex parts by creating, modifying and combining multiple bodies in a part
You can create constraints and measures to define a sketch or a body
You will be fully acquainted with methods and technics of creating objects in CATIA software environment


No prir knowledge of design software required
General knowledge of design is desired but not necessary for this course
CATIA v5 software should be installed on your system for practices


This is part of a super course intended to contain everything you need to know about utilizing CATIA v5 software for your design requirements.

In Part Design section of this super course I have explained tons of methods and techniques on how to sketch, create feature base on the sketch, modify the feature in sketch of definition, create complex shapes and bodies, etc. so that you will be totally comfortable with everything you may encounter in this software.

The videos are very self-explanatory and you have lots of examples, most of them from the very beginning to show you how everything is created.

There is no special order in which you follow the lessons and in case you are familiar with some of the commands or features, you can skip forward to other lessons.

You are not alone! In case you have a question, please feel free to ask in questions section and I will answer all of the question personally. Also I can benefit from your brilliant advice and recommendations so that I can enhance the course up to your standards and add complementary sections and lessons to make the course perfect.

Other parts of this super course will be uploaded in the near future so that I can serve you with more knowledge and skills in design and using the software effectively and efficiently.

MP4 1280x720 | 7.5 hours | ENG | 4.58 GB

Download: Udemy – CATIA v5 Super Course: Part Design

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