Contributor Requirements & Guidelines
Become a Time Management Magazine Contributor

Time Management Magazine welcomes the submission of articles, videos and photos from external Contributors for publication in its monthly iPad magazine.

Time Management Magazine endorses the many benefits of individuals and businesses writing and publishing content, through;

  • sharing your expertise and knowledge with potential clients
  • being seen as a market leader in your field of expertise
  • increasing awareness of yourself and/or your business/brand
  • helping to drive traffic to your web properties with clickable links
    within the magazine

Below are the article submission requirements and guidelines, as specified by Time Management Magazine:

Article Submission Requirements

Time Management Magazine’s ‘Letter of Engagement – External Content Contributors provides us with the authority to publish external Contributors articles/photos/videos in it’s monthly iPad magazine.

Time Management Magazine must receive a signed copy of the ‘Letter of Engagement’ prior to any Contributors work being published: (right-click and Save as)

Please download and read the attached document, then return a signed copy to our office. You can print and sign the last page and either scan and email it to us, or you can take a clear snapshot of the signed document with a smart phone and email the image.

Content for inclusion in an edition of Time Management Magazine must be submitted to our office via email: [email protected]

We ask that Article Contributors adhere to article topic, aim and format guidelines stated in the ‘Letter of Engagement’ and below.

Where an article meets Time Management Magazine’s requirements, allow about one month for publication. Upon publication, Contributors will be advised by email.

Tip: For greatest exposure, regularly submit articles rather than single article submission.

Article Format

Time Management Magazine has established a preferred format in relation to written articles.

We ask that Contributors review our ‘Magazine Article Requirements’:

Tip: Articles submitted which adhere to the preferred format have a greater chance of being submitted to forthcoming edition.

Photos Format

Time Management Magazine has established a preferred format in relation to photographs.

We ask that Contributors review our ‘Magazine Photo Requirements’:

Tip: Photos submitted equal or larger than the iPads 768x1024px screen size has a greater chance of being featured as a cover image or on a full or half page.

Article Topic

Time Management Magazine has identified several topic categories of interest to our readers. We invite Contributors to utilize the ‘Potential Topics List’ to seed ideas for articles:

Potential Topics List

  • Teaching/Coaching/Instruction
  • Step by step
  • Best practices
  • PC apps
  • Mac Apps
  • iPad Apps
  • Habits
  • iPhone Apps
  • Android Apps
  • GTD
  • Individual aspects of GTD
  • 4 Quadrant
  • Goal Setting
  • Individual aspects of 4 quadrants
  • Agile Results
  • Final Version
  • Take Back Your Life

Tip: Articles submitted on the topics listed within the ‘Potential Topics List’ will be given greater preference.

Writing for the iPad

Writing for websites and for magazines for tablet devices indeed, is very different to writing for print publications. Simply put, visitors to a website scan content rather than read the screen in detail.

Time Management Magazine has compiled a list of tips to aid Contributors in writing in an effective manner for the iPad:

For further help, there are many articles published on the internet about writing with clarity, purpose, persuasion and influence. (Enter the keyword “writing for the web” in Google.)

Time Management Magazine publishes articles which are practical nature, offer solutions, bring awareness, or teach in a step-by-step format, and that conform to high professional writing standards. Our aim is to bring the best information available on the web, together in one place. We seek to give our readers content that they can enjoy, wherever in the world they may be.

Tip: Controversial or opinionated articles are not desirable.

Website Linking

Time Management Magazine will include a hyperlink to the Contributors website in the author acknowledgement. In an article, this will be in the form of a clickable link similar to:

This will forward to a website/social media site of your choice. If you require additional links, please contact us to discuss this. From time to time we may also include a full-page bio of a contributor who has consistently contributed outstanding work.

We can also include more opt in forms for collecting data. Contact us and we can work together to make sure you receive the best results.

Tip: We can provide banners for your website, where visitors to your site will see your content has been featured in Time Management Magazine.

Contributing Author Recognition

We endeavor to make sure every contributor receives credit for any work that is featured in the magazine or on any media owned or associated with us. Our program gives you an incredible platform to drive traffic to your website, bring awareness to a cause, increase your sales and more:

  • Enhance your reputation as a leader in your area of expertise
  • Gives you / your organization increased credibility in the eyes of your
    existing and potential clients
  • Provides you with new ways to add value to your clients
  • Increase your profile by contributing regularly
  • Allows readers to connect you via social media, such as LinkedIn,
    Facebook and Twitter
  • Gives you unique ways to create connections with video, forms,
“The iPad is the fastest-selling Apple product to date. According to Oppenheimer, Apple has sold a total of 67 million iPads since the original tablet’s release two years ago. By comparison, it took 24 years for Macs, five years for iPods, and three years for iPhones to reach 67 million in sales.” April 24 – 2012

For any questions or support for contributors – Contact Us at [email protected]