Tme Management Magazine No Longer Publishing New Issues.

Thank you for your interest in Time Management Magazine.

After 50 issues and five years of publishing Time Management Magazine is no longer published on a monthly basis. Past subscribers and purchasers of individual issues will still have access to previous purchases for years to come.

If you would like to contact Glenn Watt, the publisher of Time Management Magazine, you can reach him on his new blog,

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What Is Time Management Magazine?

Time Management Magazine is a digital magazine available on IOS and Android devices that is focused on increasing readers productivity by providing the best productivity advice from top experts from around the internet.

Our vision is to give customers with complex lives tested knowledge of how to get more accomplished to achieve happiness they want.


Stop The Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed with tasks is one sign that you need a system to deal with your commitments. Each of our experts uses different systems and tools to help you with the overwhelm. Each issue has a different theme, to help with the different aspects of overwhelm.


Focus is essential if you are to succeed in life and achieve what you desire in life. Each of our experts have years of experience focusing and working on how to help you with focus.

Do you know what you want out of life?

Do you feel like your not making progress in your life? That you are not moving forward toward your dreams? Our experts have achieved many of their dreams and want to show you how you can achieve your dreams also!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Excellent! Jam-packed with practical information. Picked up several tips I can put into practice right away after reading just one issue! Great advice from the top experts in time management. Highly recommended!” Birdwoman79

You have time to read this! You may not think you have time, but reading this is an investment of time. I love the focus on the things business people struggle with the most – including the crusing weight of emails. Highly recommended! aybandy

Excellent Magazine Very usefulĀ and insightful magazine. The articles are easy to read, and practical. I especially enjoyed the interactive nature of the magazine. Rohanx2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read Time Management Magazine on the internet?
No, Time Management Magazine is only available on mobile devices on IOS or Android.
What is your refund policy?
Time Management Magazine is only available via Apples App Store and Google Play. If looking for a refund first contact these channels for a refund. If you can not get satisfaction from the app stores, then contact us and we will refund your money, correct the problem, or whatever it takes to make it right. We do not want the money of unhappy customers. We only want to be paid if you think we are delivering quality materials to our subscribers.
Can I view Time Management Magazine on all of my devices.
Yes, all IOS and Android devices can read the magazine. However, because Apple and Google do not share financial data, if you subscribe on an IOS device, only your IOS devices will be able to see your subscriptions. The same is true for Android devices. For our Annual subscription and our Master Issue, we do offer the ability to view your subscription on both IOS and Android devices. Activating devices is a very manual process and is only cost effective with our longer term subscriptions. If you are an Anual Subscriber or a Master issue purchase, then please contact us for further details.
Can I contribute to the magazine?
Yes, however, we only accept published authors for magazine contributions. If you are not a published author then we would consider your content for guest posting to our blog. Contact us for more information.

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